About Linda Lulue

While this Company has newly emerged, Linda Hite Lulue has provided accounting services to the public sector for over a decade.  Prior to her public accounting experience, Linda had the opportunity to work in several different sectors of industry.

Having such a varied background has led to the creation of Linda Hite Lulue, CPA Accounting Services.  This Company was founded with the objective of providing her clients the highest quality professional services as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Linda has the expertise and flexibility to service your needs and objectives in a cost-effective manner.  She understands your concern for efficiency, timeliness, and profitability

Linda Lulue has considerable experience in the realm of sales/use taxes.  Over the last ten years, she has experienced both sides of a sales/use tax audit.  She has performed sales/use tax audits as a contract auditor for local taxing authorities; and, she has directly assisted taxpayers with their sales/use tax questions and helped them during the sales/use tax audit process.  This has provided Linda with the unique opportunity to understand both sides of the audit process: taxpayer and taxing authority.  This experience has given her the opportunity to gain significant understanding and experience with the Uniform Tax Code (UTC), and she can use that  understanding to meet the needs of your unique business. 

Linda prides herself in staying up-to-date on the changes occurring in Louisiana regarding sales/use taxes.  She does this through attendance of relevant continuing education courses.  Additionally, she stays current through monitoring the Louisiana Department of Revenue’s (LDR) website for Revenue Information Bulletins (RIBs).  Linda’s areas of expertise include the following areas:

  • Sales Taxes
  • Use Taxes
  • Occupational License Tax
  • Chain Store Tax
  • Nexus
  • Assessments
  • Waiver Rules

Scope of Sales/Use Tax Services

Linda Lulue has the resources and the experience you want working for you.  Her decade of experience can be used to assist you.  She has performed the following services, and stands ready to serve your organization’s needs:

· Parish or State Sales Tax Audit

Have you received notice that your business will be audited for compliance with sales/use taxes?  It is best to involve me before the audit begins.  All questions from the taxing authority’s auditors will flow through me and all provided documentation from you will flow through me.  This will allow you to continue to concentrate on operating your business with minimal interruptions and will ensure only needed items are requested.  Additionally, this will ensure that all questions of interpretation of the law are adequately addressed and agreed to prior to the official assessment.  Once an assessment is made, there is little time to work with the issues, and an attorney is generally needed.

· Pro-Active Internal Review

With a consultation appointment for as little as 1 to 2 hours, we can discuss your business and unique needs.  Your client invoices will be reviewed to identify possible “red flags.”  The applicability of nexus will be examined.  Your vendor lists and vendor invoices will reviewed with special attention regarding use tax.  Specific regulations affecting your business will be identified with instructions on how to best comply.  Should your business be chosen for a random compliance audit, you will be glad for this nominal investment.

· Management Assistance

There are a wide range of solutions to address management’s concerns:

· Specific Inquiries

Wondering how a specific Revenue Information Bulletin (RIB) affects your business or even if there are any applicable RIBs or Revenue Rulings that affect the amount of taxes you should be charging/remitting?  Allow me to do the research for you.

· Automating Monthly Reporting

Let me assist you with setting up a reporting system that captures the needed information for monthly filing with the states / parishes. 

· Been in Business but Never Filed a Return, or Have you Received Assessment Notices?

I have the contacts and knowledge base to act as a go-between on your behalf to the taxing authority.  I can assist with compiling your tax documentation and presenting your support in the preferred formats.